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A close-knit team of lawyers able to solve the most difficult tasks set before us by the Client and the legal practice.

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We independently represent clients in international investment arbitration.

Representation experience

We have experience representing both foreign investors in International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) against the state of Ukraine and Ukrainian investors against foreign states.

Legal support worldwide

Our communication experience and the ability to find the right approaches to address the most complex problems allow us to successfully resolve issues in different jurisdictions.

The whole team always leads the Client

Regardless of the complexity of the task, Lamwell’s partner and team leader is always the first to work with the Client on resolving the Client’s problems.


Our main value is our team of lawyers, all of whom are professionals in their field and renowned specialists in the sphere of international arbitration and domestic litigation.

About us

Lamwell is an independent law firm founded by an attorney Andriy Shulga, who has extensive experience in dispute resolution on both national and international levels.

We help private clients, state-owned enterprises, small and large businesses to resolve legal issues of any level of complexity, as well as to foresee the necessary changes and thus to avoid difficult situations in the future.
Lamwell is a team of professionals that differs favorably from its colleagues. Our example shows that the best solution for settling the most complex legal disputes or resolving intricate legal issues is a well-coordinated small team of professionals who focus all their intellectual efforts and practical skills on the Client’s problem until a positive result is achieved.
That is why a success fee is part of our remuneration in most of the projects we work on. All this makes even the most complex and long-term international cases more accessible to our Clients.

Respecting the Client, colleagues and the Opponent is the key to success in any dispute”.

Andriy Shulga

Managing partner


01/ 04


The close-knit team of Lamwell lawyers is capable of solving complex problems in various fields.

Investor-to-state disputes have been the main category of disputes on which our team has been working in recent years.

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We successfully represent Clients in international commercial arbitration proceedings.

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We represent Clients in national courts in commercial disputes, intellectual property disputes, family, tax, land and other disputes.

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We defend individuals who are accused of economic crimes (white-collar crime).

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We have extensive experience of cooperation with many European and international banks and investment funds in order to attract additional financing for an existing business or a startup.

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We represent both employers and employees in litigation. We also develop legal mechanisms to prevent disputes between the company and its staff.

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